ServSafe®& New York Food Handlers Certifications

We provide quality hands-on food safety training in order to prepare you for the ServSafe® Manager Certification.  Our trainers are nationally certified instructors from the National Restaurant Association Education Foundation with years of experience in the food industry.

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What You'll be Learning

Time & Temp

Are you properly cooling & cooking food to the safest levels?  Failure to do so will not kill bacteria and could cause illness and even death.  Are you following the rules?

Risks to Food Safety

We all LOVE food, and how we handle what we consume will help us protect customer health, improve employee performance and preserve business reputation. 

Proper Personal Hygeine

Proper hygeine is essential for protecting our guests against the leading causes of foodborne illness- Norovirus, Hepatitus A & E.Coli.  You'll be learning about the causes of these illness and how they can be prevented.